Self Introduction

Each girl will have 30 secs on stage to state their name, age, and future occupation. This can be said in any creative way!. The contestant will be judged on (professionalism and stage presence.)


Each girl will come out to show their special talent this can be dancing, singing, acting, bird calling etc. The contestant will be judged on (artistic expression, technical skill, and overall performance.)

Evening Wear 

This is where the girls will show us their beautiful gown as they walk with elegance. The contestant will be judged on (style, poise, grace, and overall performance.)

Optional Competitions

Optional competitions are $5 to participate in. This is a fun opportunity for the girls to take home extra trophies, ribbons etc

Miss Photogenic

You will submit a photo book of your child with at least 5 or less photos. The contestant will be judged on (quality of photo and posing ability.)

Spokes Model

The Contestant will have the ability to showcase their public speaking skills. The speech can relate to any positive subject. The contestant will be judged on (Public speaking ability and confidence.) * 1:30 max

Top Model

The contestant will have a chance to show off their best top model WALK! The judges want to see all the personality. The contestant will be judged on (walk and personality.)

Creative Wear

The contestant will have the opportunity to showcase their creative skills. Ex. Wacky tacky outfit, dress made out noodles paper, Pepsi outfit etc. The contestant will be judged on (creativity.)

Family Look Alike

The contestant will dress alike with any family member and have a dance off with other contestant entries. Contestants and family members will be judges on (look alike wear and dance moves.)


The contestant will have three 30 second commercials to choose from and must be memorized. Contestant will be judged on (acting ability and comfortability.)

Miss Congeniality

This award is for the most friendliest contestant which is voted by contestants only. *Free