The Little Miss Sapphire Pageant is a pageant for girls between the ages of 4-14. This pageant is accessible to any girl in the age range who is inexperienced or experienced in the pageant world. The purpose of the Little Miss Sapphire pageant is to build self confidence! This pageant will have different rounds that will allow the young girls to show off and express themselves in a very rewarding environment. This is a natural pageant that can lead to a scholarship for the winners and a title that the young winners can use to push their different initiatives and platforms.


This pageant will bring young girls together! This is not only a pageant, it’s a mentor group. Before and during the girls will be trained to be prepared for the pageant, make vision boards, take group trips, and just enjoy each other. These girls will get their money’s worth and will get lifetime connections with not only the other contestants but staff as well. The goal is for us to be a family forever!

Teach Life Lessons

There’s a lot of life learning skills that can be obtained by participating. We will strive to educate the young ladies on communication skills, leadership, interview skills, and poise. We will teach them how to professionally communicate necessities and ideas. How to step up and take control, when needed, of situations around them. They will learn to interview well by learning the proper way to answer questions and present themselves. Poise will be obtained when they are taught how to put their personal confidence in their everyday life and the way they constantly carry themselves.

Age Division

Tot: 4-5
Little Miss: 6-8
Preteen: 9-11
Young Miss: 12-14